We are passionate about what we do.

Imagine if you could save money every year on your automobile upkeep and enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have a team of seasoned professionals on your side, caring about one of your most valuable assets. How exciting is that? This is what the MAC Members program is all about.

Our passion and purpose at MAC Members is three-fold: to provide the best automotive care availablebuild strong relationships with our clients, and make a positive impact in our community.  Our members seem to agree with this purpose, giving MAC Members a 98% customer loyalty rating!! From the time you call, until we follow up with you after the service, you will know MAC Members is not your average membership program. After over 30 years in the automotive business we invite you to come and MAKE A CHANGE to MAC Members.

Gus Srour
Founder/Owner, MAC Members

As a mechanical engineer by degree and a business owner by trade, Gus started his first automotive repair business at the age of 23 and has since been involved in the start-up and merger of several business. Gus is a trained and certified master technician.

His passion for automobiles has helped him stay on top of the constant change of technology. His integrity and work ethic earned him the trust and loyalty of thousands of customers. Today, Gus is not only defined by the great service he offers but rather by his long term vision and the close relationship he has built with all of his clients.

M.A.C. stands for Make a Change.

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