MAC Members:

MAC is an automotive membership program designed to reduce the cost of maintenance and repair.   Based out of Fremont, California we provide all kinds of services for your car, making it super convenient as a one stop auto center.  As a MAC member, you are like a co-owner with many advantages and benefits. You receive incredible discounts on preventive maintenance and repairs, as well as collision repair, wheels and tires, sales and consignments, auto detailing and much more. We have partnered with many A+ rated service providers in this industry which allow members to receive huge financial benefits.  The more members we have, the more discounts you receive!

Our story:

In 1985, Gus Srour started his auto repair and service company for luxury automobiles in Fremont, California.   The technological advance in the automotive industry brought with it a much higher cost for maintenance and repair.  In 2013, Gus took a leap of faith and offered the membership program to his customers as a gratitude for their loyalty and to help ease the financial burden after their factory warranty is over. The program was a hit and the word of mouth spread very quickly.  Three years later and over 400 members, the membership has proven that the program works for the majority of car makes and models and saves people time and money.  We are committed to integrity and work ethic, long term vision and personal relationship with as many clients as possible. We love cars and we love people, we like to consider ourselves as your extended family that happens to be in the car business.

The advantages of the membership:

  • Our program will pay for the preventative maintenance on your car, therefore; saving you money on unnecessary repairs.
  • This membership has no limits on the mileage, the condition or the age of your car.
  • Besides saving an insane amount of money, members join for the convenience and peace of mind.
  • The role-over program is an added guarantee that you don't waste a penny.
  • We have over 35 years of experience in the industry and we are so passionate about what we do.