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MAC Membership is for you if you want to save up to 50% off of your annual auto repair and maintenance costs.

MAC Membership is for you if you are motivated to keep your car at its peak performance.

MAC Membership is for you if you want a team of professionals expertly caring for your auto needs.

MAC Membership cuts your maintenance and repair costs in half and gives you the convenience of a one-stop auto center. We keep your luxury car running at its peak performance, making sure your investment is protected.

The MAC Membership also opens the doors to a ton of savings with our business partners - from insuring your car, to buying a new one, or even renting one while you're on vacation.

We offer every service your car may need and more, including:

  • Comprehensive repair and maintenance service

  • Dent removal

  • Collision repair and refinishing

  • Frame inspection and repair

  • Auto detailing, headlight restoration, window tinting, paint protection

  • Windshield repair

  • Wheel repair, tires and wheels, tire balance and alignment


This is a yearly membership program which automatically renews at the anniversary date. The anniversary date is the date you become a member. To become a member, log onto and click on (sign me up).  Your membership has to be active at least 24 hours prior to needing any service.
The qualification is very important and simple. The make and model of your vehicle will determine whether you can take advantage of all the benefits of this membership or not. Some cars require very low maintenance and being a member could be a waste of money for you.
You can receive a full refund as long as you did not use any of the benefits of the membership.  No refund will be issued after using any of the benefits of this membership.
This membership is 80% focused on maintenance items by design.  We believe that if maintenance is performed on time, it can prevent major breakdowns and repairs and improve the overall mechanical condition of your automobile.   We know how busy you are and how much you rely on your car for transportation. Being a member assures you the convenience and confidence that your car is always at its peak performance. Simply put, it saves you time and money and help preserve your car resale value.
As many as you want. A special package is available and it accommodates up to 3 cars on one membership .  The first vehicle is $299, and you can add up to two more household vehicles and get 50% discount.  For example, if you have three cars in your household, you would pay $299 for the first car, $149 for the second, and $149 for the third, making your total $597 for all three vehicles.  That's a saving of $100!
Each repair invoice will show detailed information and the exact amount of money you have saved. We want you to know, to the penny, the value of this membership.
During an oil service, we will change the engine oil and filter, perform a complete safety inspection, check and top off all fluids, rotate tires and adjust tire pressure.  If synthetic oil is recommended by the manufacturer, we will change engine oil and filter every 5,000 miles for free, if regular oil is recommended, we will change engine oil and filter every 3,000 miles for free. That's a value of an average of $250/yr for Synthetic oil and an average of $150/yr for regular oil.
We recommend alignment twice a year, your membership will pay for a 4-wheel alignment every 6 months if tire and suspension conditions allow for an accurate and successful alignment.  That's a value of $119 per alignment a total of $238/yr.
You get free unlimited diagnosis, inspections and estimates.  That's a value of $147 per visit.


Manufactures recommend coolant/antifreeze, power steering fluid and brake fluid to be flushed and renewed every 24 months. We will flush the brake fluid, coolant/antifreeze fluid and power steering fluid for free every 24 months.  That's a value of about $385/2yr.
Once a year you get a free full detail.  A full detail includes interior cleaning; shampoo carpet and floor mats, seats and headliner, dashboard and center console, and door panels and trunk area. Exterior cleaning: buff and wax paint, clean all windows and glass, clean rims and dress tires, and headlight restoration if needed.  This is a value of $250/yr for a sedan and $300/yr for an SUV.
If you drive 10,000 miles or more a year you would need to do two scheduled maintenance services. The scheduled maintenance is the manufacturer recommended service, for example 10,000 mile service, 15,000 mile service, etc. As a member, you receive a $200 toward any scheduled maintenance.  That's a value of $400/yr.
You get up to 10 miles free towing to our Fremont location, $7/mile will be charged to you after the initial 10 free miles.  That's a value of $100 when used.
If your insurance pays for the collision damage, you will get up to $500 deductible forgiveness and if paying out of pocket, you will receive 20% discount.  That's a value of an average of $500 per occasion.
With a scheduled appointment, we will pick up your car from your home or office, within 20 mile radius of our facility in Fremont, perform requested repairs and deliver it back to your home or office.  You may use this benefit for all services except a flat tire or dead battery.
We feel privileged and blessed to work and serve the people in this community.

For every dollar you pay us for your vehicle repairs and maintenance, we will donate 2% of that to our local charity.

By industry standard, we provide one year warranty on all repairs, but for additional piece of mind and to add more value to the membership, we provide our members with two years unlimited miles parts and labor warranty.
Other services include: complete mechanical services, collision repair, automotive refinishing, frame inspection and repair, auto detailing, headlight restoration, window tinting, paint protection, windshield repair, wheel repair, dent removal, tires and wheels, tire balance and alignment, auto sales, auto consignments and more.
If you sell your vehicle you can transfer/sell the membership to the new owner or transfer it to your new car. You can also do a one-time transfer within the first 90 days from your car to another family car. All you need to do is notify us.

We reserve the right to cancel or deny membership when needed to

You receive a 10% discount off of the retail prices for parts, on every invoice, as well as 10% off of our labor rate. Our current labor rate is $147/hour. That's an average value of $250 a year! (Based on an average repair and maintenance cost of $2,500/yr)

M.A.C. stands for Make a Change.

We strive to provide the best automotive service available AND make a positive change in the community, so that is why 2% of each transaction goes to local nonprofits making a difference.

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